To Bean or Not to Bean When Talking About Green Coffee Beans

For no reason whatsoever—meaning no reason I can readily discover and/or understand—when people who earn their living in the coffee industry are talking about what are, in fact, green coffee beans, we don’t say “green coffee beans” we just say green coffee, as stated already more than once.  Likewise, we just say roasted coffee rather than roasted coffee beans. This is almost always true. If you become part of the coffee industry, this will not be explained to you. It’s just one of those things that one absorbs.

6 months ago

Juan Valdez: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Colombian Coffee Icon

Think you know the Colombian Coffee Icon, Juan Valdez? Here are 10 things about the infamous Juan Valdez, and his impact on the specialty coffee industry.

7 months ago

People at the Stomach of Huehuetenango Coffee

Although the history of coffee as a commercial crop in the region is, perhaps, only 100 years old, coffee as a garden crop used for local consumption and barter is much older and coffee drinking has long played an important role in the daily life of Mam people. Gift giving is deeply ingrained in Mam culture and a virtual requirement during even the most casual transactional encounter in order to keep things in balance.

7 months ago

Covoya Specialty Coffee Welcomes Ana Mallozzi as Junior Trader

“Being a coffee trader has been a goal of mine for a long time and I’m so excited to work with Olam,” says Mallozzi. “Having worked for coffee roasters in the past, I’m familiar with that business in terms of both success and challenges. I look forward to being a part of success stories while working with our coffee roaster customers.”

8 months ago

Coffee Is A Story

Although I've only had the job title "Chief Storyteller" for a few years, telling coffee stories has been a big part of every job I've ever had in coffee because coffee is a story...

11 months ago

Green Coffee Glossary for New Coffee People, An Abridged List

Every activity has it’s lingo... The coffee industry is certainly not the worst offender in this regard, but the coffee lingo list can get long if you let it. 

11 months ago

Words About Words About Coffee – 1722 to 1935

The evolution/expansion of taste descriptors—both formal evaluative words and the informal marketing words—is not purely a specialty coffee phenomenon. It’s been happening for a long time...

1 year ago