Our Annual Holiday Kick-Off Sale is Almost Here!

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By Olam Specialty Coffee
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Our Annual Holiday Kick-Off Sale is Almost Here!

October 25-28, all coffee on our website will be discounted by 5%! To help you study and prepare for this annual event, we’ve prepared a Holiday Kick-Off Quiz.


Olam Specialty Coffee holds a site-wide sale every October because:

A. Halloween is really boring in the coffee industry and we wanted to spice things up.

B. We can’t help it.

C. We want to celebrate National Massage Therapy Week.

D. We want to help roasters get a jump on the holiday rush.


The Olam Specialty Coffee Holiday Kick-Off Sale is:

A. A discount for everyone who wears a halloween costume while ordering coffee.

B. A free bag of candy corn with every purchase.

C. A discount on coffee with flavor notes of orange and blackberry.

D. A special five day event when ALL the coffee in our store is discounted by 5%.


Five percent can also be described as:

A. 1/20th

B. Five cents on the dollar.

C. Half of 10%

D. All of the above, but it’s best to stick with “5% is a significant savings."


Which coffees will be discounted by 5% during our sale?

A. All coffee on the aisle with the flashing blue light.

B. Coffees from origins starting with the letter “G.”

C. Only coffees you don’t need.



This four-day event at Olam Specialty Coffee last for how long?

A. From here to there.

B. About the length of football field.

C. Until the cows come home.

D. Four days! From Monday October 25 to Thursday October 28!


A good reason to buy coffee from Olam during our Holiday Kick-Off Sale is:

A. A 5% discount is more than a 0% discount.

B. Securing great coffee at a good price before the holiday insanity begins is really super dang smart.

C. Seriously, 5% off our entire store.

D. All of the above.


When is Olam’s Holiday Kick-Off Sale?

A. October 25-28.

B. It’s hard to say.

C. The last week in October.

D. Both A and C.


The discount code you need to use to receive a 5% discount when buying coffee during our Holiday Kick-Off Sale is:

A. Your mother’s maiden name

B. abracadabra

C. Your birth date

D. Trick question! No discount code is required because the discount is automatically applied to your purchase. “



Answer Key: All the answers are “D.”  Every single answer to every single question is “D.” 

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