Olam Specialty Coffee is now Covoya

Olam is now Covoya
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By Mike Ferguson
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Olam Specialty Coffee is now Covoya

Our new name, Covoya, combines the idea of collaboration, which is the cornerstone of our business, and voyage, which speaks not only to the story behind every cup of coffee, but all the journeys associated with coffee. Although we’ve gone through a process formally known as “rebranding,” it felt to us more like reconnecting with core values that we understand as our highest priorities and the touchstones behind every decision and direction.  We are reminded that relationships are not simply important, they are critical; stories, both the telling and the listening, are fundamental to this business; and journeys of every kind permeate coffee.  

Why now?

Things change. The personal and professional upheavals associated with this oft-cited truism have been experienced by nearly everyone over the last three years. For those industries highly dependent on many layers of logistical flow, disruption and uncertainty have been pronounced. The entire coffee industry was required to innovate and address complications creatively on almost a daily basis. From coffee farmers to coffee drinkers, people were  asked to practice patience and proactive problem solving at the same time. 

For us, change brought our strengths and challenges into sharp relief and provided some clarity around purpose. As much as this self-reflection contributed to a reimagining of our identity as a business, it was also a time of remembering who we want to be and how we want to participate in coffee as an industry and a community.  One of the outcomes was a new name. 

Olam Specialty Coffee is now Covoya, because coffee is a collaborative voyage. 

Phil Schluter, Managing Director for Covoya Specialty Coffee in Europe said, “It was very important to us that our new brand capture what we value most in coffee, which is relationships—both at origin and in the consuming countries we serve around the world. At the same time, we wanted our name to evoke a sense of adventure and remind us of the challenges and discoveries which keep us motivated every day.” 

Value in Relationships. Journeys. Stories.

Sincere connections are critical in coffee but so is the understanding that not everyone connects in the same way. Availability is just as important as authenticity when it comes to relationships. While it remains important to us that customers can connect with us online, ordering samples and purchasing coffee on our website, we also remain available as customers grow to connect more personally. Even in the early days of their coffee journey, roasters can connect with us through our podcast, blog, and new YouTube channel. 

Whether it’s a journey of discovery or a practical journey from here to there, guides and road maps add value to the voyage. Our team brings a vast amount of experience to the coffee journey, not only in terms of the number of years we’ve collectively devoted to coffee, but the variety of experience we have in coffee. We’ve been baristas and roasters, café managers and green coffee buyers as well as sellers. Our stories include a significant presence at origin. Covoya knows coffee and brings that understanding to the journey with our customers. 

If you’re a roaster, coffee is not only a story you want to hear, it’s also a story you want to tell. Having a point of view is why you roast coffee and a key component to your business success. We have many stories to share. More importantly, we can help you tell your coffee story, from the volume and consistency you need for bestselling blends, to the quality and variety you want for single origin offerings. As we move forward with the new name, our message to coffee roasters is clear: “Your story is our specialty.” 

With our new name we’ve adopted not a new mission statement, but some simple declarations about what we aspire to do, how, and why. 

What - We create, nurture, and sustain thrive-equity throughout the coffee supply chain with urgent resolve. 

How - We collaborate relentlessly with coffee roasters, producers, and the communities that shape their well-being and success. 

Why - We share an intrinsic need to find meaning in our work, constantly question the status of the status quo, and expect better from ourselves and our industry, which we know can create real value and change in our world. 


Our new name captures these intentions of purpose and the idea that we’re all in this together, that coffee is indeed, a collective journey, a collaborative voyage.  

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