Olam Specialty Coffee is now Covoya

We’ve reimagined our business and our brand. From origin to destination, every journey has a story. Coffee is a collaborative voyage. Covoya is a shared journey.

Welcome aboard.

Your story. Our Specialty.

4 months ago

Getting Started With a Green Coffee Supplier

You’ve been Googling. And it’s not helping. Not that the search results are lacking. In fact, as is so often the case when one Googles, there are so many results you’re having trouble sorting it all out. Here's everything you need to know about getting started with a green coffee supplier.

7 months ago

Notes from the Fruity Frontier of Fermentation: The Latest in Coffee Processing

Coffee producers have moved away from experimentation and have embraced real success with a variety of processing methods. The latest, and for some the most exciting, is fruit fermentation. In this blog, we define fruit fermentation as we know it and explain a bit about the science behind fermentaiton. 

8 months ago

The Ultimate Roaster’s Guide to Attending the Specialty Coffee Expo

Thirty-five years ago, in a room at Hotel Louisa in San Francisco, a small group of coffee roasters and importers …

1 year ago

Speaking of Coffee Prices - Thoughts for Roasters and Their Customers

Generally—and  way too simplistically—the demand for coffee doesn’t easily shift based on price alone. Most coffee drinkers will drink the same amount of coffee when prices are high as they do when prices are lower.

1 year ago

A Roaster’s Field Guide to Coffee Retailers

If your company roasts coffee for wholesale, you are undoubtedly an observer of retailers that sell coffee as they are …

2 years ago